Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2022

A look at an average pay scale and the future demand for each of the programming languages available today and a list of the top five languages.

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Table of contents

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  • 5. Swift
  • 4. Kotlin
  • 3. Python
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  • 2. C-Sharp
  • 1. And the Winner is ...

Now here's the thing: learn JavaScript or Python, and you'll be pretty safe in 2022. But are JavaScript and Python future-proof? So there's more to the story, and to make things more complicated, neither JavaScript nor Python hold the number one position in the year 2022.

I looked at an average pay scale and the future demand for each of the programming languages available today and made a list of the top five programming languages that future-proof your career for the coming years. I'm sure you want to know which programming language holds the number one position so let's get started with the countdown.

Salary numbers are taken from Indeed (USA)

Prefer to watch a video instead?

If you are more of a video person, I have recorded a video as well, and you can watch the video if you don't want to read through the article.

5. Swift

At number five, we have Swift. Swift is a programming language that Apple created to facilitate the development of native applications for all Apple devices. With Apple moving away from Intel's chips and creating its custom silicon Swift is the native programming language to explore all that power. Swift is a beautiful language and a pretty modern one as well. There is a huge collection of native apple apps that need maintenance, and new apps for Apple devices are a priority for many companies out there. Swift as a programming language is not going anywhere, and iOS developers are paid an average annual salary of $1,15,000, which is the highest amongst all the programming languages that I'm going to talk about in this particular video. So, if you are an Apple fanboy and have that eye for detail and are ready to work on Apple-specific apps, then Swift is the programming language for you.

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4. Kotlin

At number four, we have Java and Kotlin. Kotlin was declared the official language for Android app development by Google in 2019. Kotlin is a cross-platform statically typed general-purpose programming language with type inference. Kotlin is designed to interoperate fully with Java. There are many desktop and mission-critical web applications that use Java today. Apart from this, Android installations surpass iOS installations in terms of number because Android is open source. There are way more Android devices out there than iOS devices. So be it the current requirement or the future needs, Java developers are foreseen to stay in demand for coming years. As far as salary is concerned, Java developers are paid an average salary of $100,000 in the USA. The salary might seem slightly lower than the iOS developers, but it depends on your experience and job role.

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3. Python

Python holds the third position. Python language is one of the most accessible programming languages available because it has simplified syntax, emphasizing natural language. Due to its big supportive community, Python has excellent libraries that you can use to select and save your time and effort on the initial development cycle, especially when it comes to machine learning and big data. In fact, when it comes to big data and machine learning applications, Python is the second most popular used tool after R language. According to Indeed, python developers are paid an average annual salary of $109,450. So if big data, machine learning, and Cloud computing are what you intend to work on, Python is the programming language for you.

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2. C-Sharp

So the next kid on the block is a new member who holds the number 2 position, and it's C#. A few years back, I would have probably not even suggested anyone learn C#, but things have changed now, and if it goes this way, the importance of C# programmers will only increase. C# is a potent and mature language that was primarily confined to the Windows world. But in 2015, .NET Core was made cross-platform, and Open Source, which means C# now can be used to develop an application for any operating system that you can think of. So be it Windows, macOS, or Linux, you are covered.

On top of that, there are Microsoft's enterprise solutions, such as CRM Dynamics, Sharepoint, etc., are used by Enterprises across the world and need developers for building solutions and maintaining them. The unity, one of the largest gaming engines, uses C# too. With the introduction of Blazor, a front-end framework that uses C# with web assembly. Microsoft has set standards for any other programming language out there. .NET developers make an average annual salary of $94,295. The salary might seem to be lower than other programming languages. Still, the future belongs to C# developers because of the advantages C# has as a programming language. No other programming language has that. So if you want to be a versatile developer and own the future go ahead with C#.

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1. And the Winner is ...

So any guesses for the number one position? It's TypeScript. To be clear, I did not say JavaScript, even though TypeScript is just a transpiler and ultimately compiles to JavaScript only. But, TypeScript is what makes JavaScript beautiful. It adds all those Object-Oriented programming capabilities that have been missing in JavaScript. TypeScript solves the problem related to the architecture of your JavaScript programs and lets you use various Object-Oriented design patterns easily in your JavaScript programs. The adoption of JavaScript has been so high in the past is highly due to the broad spectrum of applications it can be used for. You have a variety of frameworks for front-end web applications such as react, Vue, and Angular and run time environments like NodeJs and Deno, which let you create server-side applications. You can create native mobile apps for Android and iOS using libraries like react native and create desktop applications with JavaScript as well using frameworks like Electron. You would be surprised to know that your favorite code editor, the visual studio code, has been developed using Electron. So from web applications, desktop applications, mobile apps, enterprise apps, and games, JavaScript powers many applications today, and the adoption is increasing day by day. And if you want to be writing elegant JavaScript applications, you must transition to using TypeScript. JavaScript developers earn an average annual salary of $111,663, the second-highest among the programming languages I have spoken about in this video. So if you want to dominate the complete development stack, learn TypeScript.

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I have also started a complete tutorial series on TypeScript on YouTube; you can find the link in the card if you are interested in learning TypeScript.

Please let me know in the comments below which programming language you would like to learn, and if you have any questions while making a choice, I will certainly help you out.

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